United To Love: Anniversary of Charlottesville

August 10, 2018

☮ Peace Salaam سلام : This weekend we gather to hold up in Love the memory of Heather Heyer and those injured. We stand up against the racist agenda of the Unite to Right coming to Washington, DC this weekend.

I encourage all people of good will to gather at many peacefully diverse gatherings this weekend to build a better America.

For more info: http://Unitedtolove.org


A Statement of Solidarity with Social Justice forces in America

(on the 2nd anniversary of the Unite the Right rally

Washington, D.C. August 11, 2018)

from The Muslim Alliance in North America*

“And We made them leaders, guiding (men) by Our Command, and We sent them inspiration to do good deeds, to establish regular prayers, and to practice regular charity; and they constantly served Us (and Us alone).” (Qur’ān 21:73)

We of the Muslim Alliance in North America stand in faith today, in solidarity with other Americans united for the cause of justice, and against the forces of injustice in our country.

We stand in faith because we believe in Almighty God, whom we Muslims call Allah. He is The God of Justice exalted and worshipped by His prophets of old (peace be upon them). He is The God Who commanded the believers to justice and against injustice in the Torah. He is The God Who commanded the believers to justice and against injustice in the Gospels. He is The God Who commanded the believers to justice and against injustice in the Qur’an.

“The Word of your Lord finds its fulfillment in truth and justice ” He says“Say, my Lord has commanded justice …that He (Almighty God, Allah) may reward those who believe and do deeds of righteousness, justly.” and “…upholding justice, there is no god but He.” We hear Him. We obey Him.

We of the Muslim community in America stand in faith and solidarity today, because we believe in all of the prophets and divinely sent messengers of old (peace be upon them) and they are our exemplars. They stood at the command of The Almighty, for justice and against injustice, and with the just against the unjust.

We who are Muslims in America, stand for justice and against injustice today because that’s what Noah did. We stand because that’s what the Prophet Sālih did. We stand because that’s what Abraham did. We stand because that’s what Moses did. We stand because that’s what Jesus, the son of Mary and the prophet of Nazareth did. We stand for justice and against injustice and with the just against the unjust because that’s what prophet Muhammad did (peace be upon them all).

That prophet and messenger said that The Almighty has said: “ O My servants, I have forbidden oppression and injustice for Myself, and have made it forbidden amongst you, so do not oppress one another.”

So, we Muslims are here today standing for justice and against an injustice that has plagued America since before the birth of the nation in 1776 and that plagues us today in 2018. The injustice of which we speak, is the Satanically inspired belief, and teaching, and practice of White supremacy – which has never ceased to unite for wrong, calling it right. White supremacy, since before the birth of the nation, has never ceased to cloak itself in the raiment of righteous indignation, masking dis-obedience to Almighty God.

Almighty Allah commanded us on the tongues of Isaiah and Jesus both (peace be upon them) to love our neighbors as ourselves, and there is and never has been anything loving about White supremacy – especially when the neighbor is a person of color; when the neighbor is a man or woman of a different faith; when the neighbor was a Native American then or now, or a Black American who used to be an African, and is now a member of a formerly enslaved people in America, or a formerly incarcerated person, or a poor person. White supremacy has no love for them.

We who are Muslims today in America, and especially those of us who are Muslim Americans of African descent, stand in faith because we are clear who the enemy is. The enemy of every human being is Shaytaan (Satan) who incites us to enmity and hatred of one another. It is Satan who whispers into the vulnerable hearts of human beings giving them a false sense of pride and a false sense of superiority one to another – based upon race, or ethnicity, or gender, or economic class, when we all are made from dust and unto dust our remains shall be rendered. And all of us belong to The Almighty, Allah, and unto Him shall we return.

We stand in faith and solidarity today because we remember the true heroes and heroines of August 11,2017 in Charlottesville – those wounded and killed; martyrs in the cause of justice, love , and compassion. And no, there weren’t good people who stood for good on both sides of the conflict that fateful day. Don’t believe that fake news.

Lastly, we stand today as Muslims in America, with people of various faiths or beliefs, but who have in common a belief in the oneness of humanity and our God-given right of freedom, justice, and equality. We stand because we are Americans and we know the history of our nation. We know that White supremacy once divided the nation, divided the people, divided the church, and resulted in the spilling of blood unprecedented on these shores. And there are misguided people in the land here and now, who want to take America back to those days; who consider that ugly America as great and want to make that America great. But by the command of The Almighty it ain’t ‘gonna happen. Because The Creator of the heavens and the earth and all things in between don’t like ugly. And He doesn’t like injustice. We pray for the misguided, but we oppose them, and we oppose White supremacy. May The One True God of Justice bless the just today and grant us the ultimate victory over evil – amen, and ameen.

*P.O. BOX 910375 Lexington, Kentucky (859) 296-0206

Ramadan Support of Widows in The Gambia

May 17, 2018


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May 17, 2018


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May 14, 2018

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April 22, 2018


The Gambia: It Takes A Village – So Make A Village!

April 15, 2018

☮ Peace Salaam سلام : It Takes A Village..Homes are being built for orphans to live like a families with other families and foster moms. Support Then Now So they can be home for Ramadan ⁦https://www.launchgood.com/project/empowering_women_in_the_gambia#!/⁩ ⁦#pennyappealusa⁩




Doing Good in Ramadan: Computers for inner-city schools in America and Women’s Empowerment in The Gambia

April 8, 2018

☮ Peace Salaam سلام :

As Ramadan rapidly approaches I’m reaching out for your help.

Last Ramadan I left Dar Al-Hijrah after 15 years of defending Islam and Muslims in the national media after the tragic events of 911 and the many events that followed. While that work was necessary and I was privileged to be on the front lines of it.  It has kept me from a reality that is closer to my heart. For too long the needs of the Black convert community and Black Africans have been neglected. I have watched as the plight of Black Americans of all faiths has continued to stagnate. It is evident in the rise of  the Black Lives Matter movement, Flint Michigan Water Crisis and the still increasing wage gap between Black and White Americans something must be done.

Over the past 15 years I have not demanded that more be done to help the Black Muslim community. If Allah spares my life, I plan to dedicate the next 15 years to building institutional capacity among American Muslim converts, their descendants and families as well as Black African Muslims.

As I begin this journey I have joined forces with Penny Appeal USA to raise money for two projects this Ramadan.

The first Project  – Empowering Women in the Gambia – will fund a horticultural garden for Women and their families in Rural Gambia.

I have started a Launch Good Campaign that runs through the month of Ramadan.  I invite you to join me in building capacity among Domestic and International Black Muslims.

There are three  ways that you can assist this campaign.

1 Follow the link below and donate now! https://www.launchgood.com/project/empowering_women_in_the_gambia#!/

2 Host an Event! It can be family and friends at an Iftar in your home, a masjid, or your school.  If you are interested email Imamjohari@pennyappealusa.org to get started. Let us come together to continue to close the institutional gap for Black People

3 Share the LaunchGood campaign on your Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram

You can click on the link for more details about Empowering Women in Gambia Project and the LaunchGood campaign. I am travelling to Gambia on April 12, 2018 to visit some project sites. Stay Tuned for Updates! Donate Now! https://www.launchgood.com/project/empowering_women_in_the_gambia#!/

The second project Digital Divide Project  will provide computers and computer literacy training for kids and their parents in Title 1 inner-city schools.

“A growing digital divide threatens children going to school in low-income districts. To address this disparity, Penny Appeal USA is working with Title I schools to provide computers, technological resources to schools, and digital literacy education to students and parents, to ensure each child has equal access to the tools they need to succeed in the Digital Age.” ( Penny Appeal)

My fundraising campaign for this project is not yet live.  Stay Tuned for updates on the launch date – Follow the link for more information about the Digital Divide Program. https://pennyappealusa.org/programs/digital-divide

May Allah grant you and yours success in this life and in the hereafter for your steadfastness in faith and your sacrificing service for humanity.