Prayer for Peace

Last night at George Washington University, I was invited by GWU’s ‘PeaceFORUM’ to participate on behalf of the Dar Al Hijrah Islamic Center in “Pray for Peace”, an interfaith prayer service in culmination of the ‘Peace not Prejudice’ Movement.

The MSA, ASA, and IAJ all hosted this event.

Other invited speakers – besides myself – were:

– Father Elie Estephan; Assistant Priest, St Peters and Paul Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church

– Bishop Colin C. Jones; Bishop Suffragan, Diocese of Virginia, Episcopal

– Rabbi Harold S. White; Chief Jewish Chaplain, Georgetown University

– Father Peter Giovanoni; GWU Newman Centre Catholic Chaplain

– Reverand Lennox Yearwood; President, CEO Hip-Hop Caucus

– Ambassador Edward Gnehn; United States Diplomat, Professor GW Eliott School

Each of us made a brief statement on peace, tolerence of others and cross-cultural and interfaith dialogue. I specifically mentioned that we must not return to the days when it was ok to hate others. There was a very somber and respectful audience

Unfortunately because the message was of peace and mutual understanding, there was little to no media coverage that I could see. However, we remain undeterred in spreading our message of peace and mutual understanding

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