Raising Funds for Sickle Cell Anemia Cure

Tonight I will be raising funds for Faces of Our Children for the fight against Sickle Cell Anemia. Please make du’aa that Allah opens a way for us to discover a cure soon, for our Prophet (pbuh) has informed us that there is a cure for every illness except for death.

2 Responses to Raising Funds for Sickle Cell Anemia Cure

  1. Olise says:

    I hoe you fund raising went well. I hope you raised a lot of money and good will to see us through helping our brothers and sisters with sickle cell disease. In your write up, you mentioned “a way for us to discover a cure soon”. There is a well recognized cure for sickle cell disease. BOne marrow transplant have been available for many years. It is howver, not universally and or readily available. Additionally the consequence of bone marrow transplant can be more severe that the disease itself…….well at least until recently. See the following posts: http://livingwithsicklegenes.com/blogs/posts/DrDon

    Even as I write this there are new advances being published daily. We will be bringing updates regularly on our blog pages. A group of scientists at Yale Univeristy recently published a technique that potentialy can take a stem cell (bone marrow) from a sickle cell patient, correct the genetic defect and then put the cell back. The advantages of such would be to overcome the problemof rejection of the donor bone marrow stem cell. In this case they wil be getting their own cell, affter the error that causes sickle cell has been replace. This techniques also avoids the problems of using viruses to transfer the genes and may only require reduced intensity chemotherapy (if at all). Log on to http://www.livingwithsicklegenes to learn more.

  2. Olise says:

    I also wanted to provide information for your fundraising. The Norht American Booster Club has people in your area that are their to help you with goals, education, training and support for your club/association and also help you with fundraising ideas and events. Another suggestion that you can apply immediately and one that has been found useful and deployed successful by the Sickle Cell Disease Research Fund Foundation is their mall at http://www.scdrffmall.com.
    I hope you find these bits of information useful.

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