New Worries About Predjudice from DNA Tests

White Nationalists are trying to promote the notion of racial differences because they are trying to prove the ’superiority’ of whites and therefore their right to be racist. They are trying to ‘prove’ that blacks are “stupid” and ’genetically pre-disposed’ to criminal activity (as if whites commit no crime). That there are groups of people with tendancies toward certain diseases is of no surprise. But this is a far cry from the declaration of an ‘inferior’ race.

These same people on their racist sites, call for draconian measures to be carried out on “the more dangerous blacks”. I can only see such measures leading to a new eugenics project in which they will ultimately call for ‘inferior races’ to be wiped out on the grounds that they are more dangerous. This is why the worries in this NY Times article expressed by scientists are very valid and this science must be explained very carefully and that none of us should think of ourselves as superior or as a member of a “master race”

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