Interview with The Nation Newspaper

This afternoon after the jumah prayer I was interviewed by Trevor Yearwood (common names in the caribbean). We must have meet for an hour. He asked why am I in the island. I shared with him that my visit is to remind people of their roots. That those who came to Barbados from Africa were Muslim. Today, too many Barbadians are in denial about the fact that the Blacks came from Africa. I am here to inform them again that many of this Africans came from highly developed societies that had fallen into corruption, infighting and civil or regional wars. But that many of them were scholars, scientists, astonomers and Muslims. That they new about Christianity from the Quran before they came to these shores.

Trevor asked, ‘what can people learn from Islam?’

I replied the message is not new. All prophets brought the same basic message. Love God and do right by your fellow man.

I shared that poeple of faith must work toether to address social ills. We must do it together in Barbados religions on their own have failed to save the people. Therefore, we must work together remind people about God’s message and method.

That means we have to get out of our houses and houses of worship and challenge the issues of today. Many of the masajid are still teaching in Urdu and giving the khutbah in Arabic (even though – most of the people don’t know Arabic). I laid it on them with a smile.

I shared with Mr. Yearwood, many in Barbados think of Islam as an Indian religion and maybe some (East) Indians have enjoyed that honor for too long. We must all work together to practice our faith in the full light of the society.

The impact of the true practice of Islam would change the perception and the reality of Islam in Barbados. More outreach is needed and my visit is a way of jump starting the car of dawah again. Shiekh Yusuf Estes came last year and was well recieved.

Learn Islam, Love Islam, Live Islam

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