MANA Updates

In response to the MANA Conference and MANA’s agenda, 11 cities have indicated an interest in establishing a SHARE Center. SHARE, stands for Services for Human Advancement and Resource Enhancement, and is the vehicle for the implementation of MANA’s agenda for community activism, which includes MANA’s Community Re-Entry and Healthy Marriage Initiative.

Detroit is leading the way and has planned a meeting to establish a SHARE Board on December 22. Other cities that are taking steps to establish a SHARE Center are Indianapolis, Atlanta, Richmond, VA, Boston, Winston- Salem, Chicago, Lexington, KY, Omaha, Newark, and Washington, DC. Al-hamduillah! May Allah bless each of them with success.

– Order MANA Conference DVDs by clicking here

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– Also, MANA’s 2nd Annual Conference will be held Thanksgiving Weekend, Friday, November 28 to Sunday, November 30, 2008. The MANA Conference will return to Philadelphia and the Pennsylvania Convention Center in downtown Philly. The conference will repeat the main session and workshop format of the first conference and will again include a banquet; with several additions-including progress reports on resolutions presented at “The State of the Blackamerican Muslim Community” conference in November, an exhibit hall to accommodate more vendors as well as art, photo and cultural exhibits. Expect on-going announcements regarding the 2nd Annual MANA Conference, as information and updates become available. On-line conference registration is planned to begin in Summer, 2008

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