Celebrating Death?

As an African-American, I know well what it means to live as a second class citizen. But I am also reminded of the Qur’an’s command:

“Do not let your enmity/hatred for a people cause you to be unjust”

There can be no justification for injustice. The only thing injustice breeds is more injustice. We pray to the God of Abraham to help us establish justice.

In my interfaith work, I was in a discussion with a Rabbi friend of mine – Rabbi Brad Hirshfield – who recently wrote a book “You don’t have to be wrong for me to be Right”. He told me that the verse from scripture regarding “an eye for an eye and tooth for tooth” was meant to be a call for restraint. As Martin Luther King said regarding that, following that to its logical conclusion would leave the world blind and toothless.

The Qur’an as well as the Book of Amos remind us that we must stand for justice. The injunction in Islam is to be just and critical not only of others but of ourselves. So we are reminded in the statement Umar ibn al Khattab that we should call ourselves to account before account is taken of you. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) also condemned the killing of women and children on many occasions. Therefore Muslims should be the first to condemn this act and acts like it.

My friend Ibrahim Ramey has an outstanding take on this incident

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