Food Pricing Concern

…as gas prices continue to climb

2 Responses to Food Pricing Concern

  1. MR says:

    Salam, Imam Johari, This is Amir aka MR. We met at ISNA EZ. I described you as “Dr. Jackson with a Kufi”.

  2. Kwame Madden says:

    Ethanol defintenly not the solution.Were in for some terrible times muslim organzations much focus on poverty as it increases even amongst us.Akhee I know ,many brothers who have lost there livelehood do tothis downturn in the econmy.They have know were to turn .Paying over thousand dollarsin rent is a lot of money.This is newyork for you.Umar Abdal Azziz said if poverty were a man he would kill it.Yusuf Al-Qaradawi has excellent book on poverty in islam printed by Adams publisher also he has another on wealth in Islam.Masjids and centersshould make these works part of there studies.Or a part of there book clubs.How many lectures or workshops do you ever hear that focus on these issues.Unfortunely many of conferences ISNA<ICNA and others act as though conferences should just be geared towards higher middle income people.Many muslims are deprived year after year of going to cerytain conferences cause they are priced out.Sorry for getting away from the topic.

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