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I am here at IslamExpo in London.  It is a great gathering of Muslims and others of the British society.  I just ran into an elder returning who was returning from Damascus, Syria returning to Falls Church, VA. I was a surprised to see someone I pray with daily at Dar Al-Hijrah.  I have sat at the feet of many of my teachers such as

Imam Johari and Tariq Ramadan

Imam Johari and Tariq Ramadan




Tariq Ramadan  and

Imam Johari and Dr. Jamal Badawi

Imam Johari and Dr. Jamal Badawi


Dr. Jamal Badawi. I was blessed to spend some time with Dr. Badawi.

I reminded him that when many of us were students at Howard University in the 1990’s student’s such as Hisham Mahmoud, Omar Ewing, Dr. Nour Berka, Muhammad Abdun-Nasser, Mohamed Ali, Adlim and others.  We would spend Friday nights in the basement watching Dr. Badawi’s lectures. 


Subhanna Allah, On Sunday Dr. Jamal and I will share a panel titled, “Can a 7th Century man be a 21st Century Role Model?”. 


After the lecture we went to the speakers lounge for lunch.  Al-Hamdulillah, in the lounge I was surprised 

Muhammad, Aisha (wife)

Khaleel & Aisha Muhammad

Khaleel & Aisha Muhammad



Abdul-Mateen (brother) and Naim(background singer).  We had a chance to enjoy lunch and talk about the previous shows and people that we had meet.  We made dua for a brother “Longzy”, his former drummer, who had taken Shahada and fell back into the jahiliya lifestyle. 


I can recall in my own life having fallen back (even before taking Shahada) after knowing the truth, but knowing that when we get in the most lowly positions that we return to Allah with sincerity.  Insha Allah, it is this sincerity….whatever our status that will save us.


After leaving the lunch, I caught Luqman Ali

Luqman Ali - Director Khayaal Theatre

Luqman Ali - Director Khayaal Theatre



and his the Khayaal Theatre Company He is actually from DC, but has done most of his work in the UK and Europe.  They are fantastic.  B’ithnillah, I will do everything in my power to have their work seen in Washington, DC and around the United States.  Check out the website  


my to take a break for lunch I run into my main man – Muhammad Ali –

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali

the graphic artist or graffiti art.  A few months ago I was hanging with him in Birmingham (pronounced “Bir-ming-am”) and he took Amir Sulaiman (Poet) to have some Birmingham Muslim Style Fish ‘n Chips – Masalla Fish.  It was on the “One”.   It brought some soul into a old British favorite.   He regretted that we could not get any in Kensington High Street in London.  But Insha Allah next time.




I left this extraordinary theater performance and wow, hook-up with Zain Bhikha, Zain tells me that he is moving to Dubai or Bahrain.  The conditions in South Africa are deteriorating, violence and so forth….Zain and Khaleel Muhammad will be performing tonight.  I will be there insha Allah – hearing the Dhikr of Life. 


Bam! If that wasn’t enough, I met a young brother and journalist, Yaqub Bell – the “Revival” magazine (photo), it’s magazine reaching out to teens and looks get.  They even have a Soduku in the back.  I have never tried it.


Islam Channel tried to film a session in the Green Room without success.  We have rescheduled for Monday morning to talk about Malcolm X.  They have a wonderful producer, Irshad Ashraf

Aahraf Moallim - Islam Channel Producer - Al-Hayyat

Aahraf Moallim - Islam Channel Producer - Al-Hayyat



, she has filmed me in my last visit for a youth program that will air in August, Insha Allah.


I also ran into the brothers “From Mecca and Medina” and they plan to take me to the “Hood” one of these nights.   I hope to have some shots from the hood to share.


Unfortunately, I missed the concert with Zain and Khaleel.  But when I went to the venue I found a young girl and her family outside.  The young sister, Halima (~9yrs old) had been promised at the lunch to be able to sing with Zain Bhikha on the show.  Unfortunately, the show was cut short and she was left out.  You could see her disappointment a mile away.  The overheard me talking with some brothers and asked, “are you on the Native Deen CD?”, I answered in the affirmative by saying, “Salaamu alaikum Brother Joshua…..”.   The mother called Halima over and re-introduced me (although) we did have lunch with Zain.  Her mom explained that Halima is a big fan of Native Deen.  Her mom asked her to sing some Native Deen for me and she did.  She sang “Sakinah” Subhanna Allah.  Zain look out cause Halima is coming……

Zain, Halima and Imam J

Zain, Halima and Imam J




The Muslim community is very diverse and have wonderful spirit of joy just being together.  Peace Out! 7/12/2008 3:33 PM (20:40 London)








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  1. Muna says:

    Salam Imam,

    This is Muna from Hayat. The showed aired (in fact you were on last night!)

    I lost your e-mail address but found the website so alhamdulilah!

    Thank you very much for joining us a lot of people say they have found the show beneficial and we couldn’t have done it without you!

    May Allah reward an endless reward. Ameen.

    Muna Mohamed.

    P.s. i have started drinking sparkly water and rather like it LOL

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