IslamExpo 7/15/2008 3:58 AM (London Heathrow: Tuesday 9:00AM)

Monday 7/14/2008 8:10 PM (London: Tuesday 1:10AM)

Just got home from the masjid in the hood, I talked about Freedom, Slavery and the Five, talked about the problem of lack of understanding of Islam (KASH) and lack of real relationships between Muslims.  We had a great time together; Brother Ismael from Mecca 2 Medina after the lecture took me to a Jamaica shop where Mr. King, the owner of this fine and clean establishment, had them prepare me some ackhee and saltfish with rice and peas.  It was so good I taught I was in jennah (paradise).  I have not had ackhee like that since of was in Mona Hgts, Kingston, Jamaica over 20 years ago.  The owner recommended a book to me, Transformation of America by Kathy O’Brian and Mark Phillips.  I have not read it but let’s check it out and if you are in London check out “Putting a little spice in your life” – JJC – Jamaican Jerk Chicken – next to the masjid – Harlesden London NW10 8SE.  If you don’t know where that is, it’s in the Hood.  My aunt Ermyn (Ermyntrude Gibson-deceased)  in Barbados used to say to me when I started going to Jamaica (and passing by Barbados) well “every Island has its spice” and JJC has got it and it’s good. 


7/15/2008 3:58 AM (London Heathrow:  Tuesday 9:00AM)

At the airport waiting to depart and preparing for my special reception upon my arrival at Dulles International Airport.  Last week a group of us met with Senator Jim Webb (D-Va), shared with him that when I returned from London last year my computer was seized.  This trip I did not bring my new Mac Book in preparation for the random screening and potential seizure of my property.  When DHS took my computer the last time they said they we looking for pornography on the hard drive, deep.  After waiting almost 6 months, it was only with the help of Mahdi Bray, executive director of the MAS Freedom Foundation and their lawyers Myra Van-Hilliard that I got my computer back.  We will see what happens today.  I will be glad when the illegal manifestations of the fear industries grip on America is loosed.  Keep you posted.  Stay Be Alert-Believe-Pray-Protest-Be Just-Make Friends-Love.

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