IslamExpo Blog 7/13/08

Blog 7/13/08

On Sunday afternoon in the Performance Theatre a variety of Urban Muslim youth artists performed on the management of Mecca 2 Medina.  I got a chance to support their performances with some motivation, saying that the youth in their poetry, rap an e d hip-hop are addressing the issues that the imams are not dealing with in the masjid.  Performers like Masikah (Iconoclast) demonstrated that the spittin’ gets deeper when the rapper has a deeper and doper knowledge of Islam. 


There was an overflow audience for the Urban Youth Music stage, something that organizers need to note.  I was surprised that many of the artists were not Black, but many like Arabinji (Carib-Indian background), a Pakistani youth singer as well as young sister like Pearls of Islam were powerful voices dawah.  Many of the performers were sporting the Just Muslim gear (, check them out! 


I challenged the artist to study, make dawah and innovate in this new medium.  I continue to challenge rappers, hip-hopper and musicians to create for Islam what Bob Marley did for Rastafarianism.  Dig That! 


Muhammad Yahya ( and Poetic Pilgrimage hooked up with us for dinner later.  They had performed at the Rice Festival that day to a crowd of over 10,000.  M. Yahya has an interfaith band with a Jewish brother on guitar/bass.  They really are saying something – positive – just by being, learning and performing together.  I have got to catch their show next time.

2 Responses to IslamExpo Blog 7/13/08

  1. Salamz Imam!!!! It was an honour to have you here in the UK!!! It was a bigger honour having you to share some Knowledge on the Neo Islamic Urban Youth Stage at Islam Expo!!!!! It was a much bigger honour having you in the heart of the Hood of Harlesden North West London(where alot of so called Imams and sheikhs wont come) with one of the biggest problems with gun crime, drugs,ignorance and deprivation in the UK…..Please make dua for us to hold an anti gun rally to help curb this….I would like to big up the Islam Expo and Harlesden Mosque for supporting our Imam Johari….All the best……

    PLEASE PASS ON OUR SALAMS TO Imam Siraj Wahaj, Imam Jamil Al Amin, Imam Zaid Shakir and Imam abdul Malik formerly of Masjid Al Taqwa/Brooklyn

    Remember us (Mecca2Medina) in your duas and keep up the good work.. We are aiming to come out there for November insh’llah


    Ismael & Rakin of Mecca2Medina

  2. Masikah says:

    Mashallah sheikh, may Allah(T) reward you for your efforts in this life and grant you a lofty space in junnah….


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