This Land is your land – this land is My land

How the Prophet Muhammad (as) saw his community in Medina and the world, he saw them as human beings. The khutbah attached deals with our personal realities of community and the fact that Islam can only be practiced with in a context. Our content is that we live in America and our neighbors are for the most people just like us.

The Prophet teaches us to be good neighbors, to care for our neighbor, to feed our neighbor. The events of 911 made many people begin to question the sincerity of their Muslim neighbor.

I now what it means to have someone lost in lower Manhattan on that day. My step-mother was downtown on the morning of 911. We tried to reach her for hours without success. Praise be to The Almighty (Allahu Akbar), she was among the thousands who walked across the Brooklyn Bridge to safety.

We are all in this together…..

Protecting our minds, hearts and bodies from threats of the ignorant from among us. Imam Johari openly denounces those who would attack America including Baitullah Mehsud of Pakistan who threatened to attack US targets including Washington, DC.

This land is your land, this land is my land. We are prepared to defend it and Islam from those who seek to destroy both.

Imam Johari at Muslim Veteran Memorial Day

Imam Johari at Muslim Veteran Memorial Day

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