Muslims Minds Meet to discuss Feasibility of IMAN DC

As-Salaamu alaikum,
Tonight at GWU we had a great meeting with the local IMAN feasibility team, Kyle and Rami from IMAN HQ. The meeting really brought out the need for Muslims to get serious about social change within and beyond the “Muslim Community” to the vision of serving humanity.
Rashad shared that this is a “Fareeda” an obligation. I must add that the work of IMAN is perhaps both an individual as well as collective obligation. An individual obligation as in the 34 Hadith in An-Nawawi’s 40, if YOU see an evil act……YOU have individual obligation (fard al-ayn) but there are issues that if not addressed become collective (Al-Kifiya) such as someone must bury those who pass away.
A sense of urgency and commitment to the work of the “Action” network and not the “Analysis” network was made clear.
Kyle mentioned HIV/AIDS in DC is at third world levels of new infections. Others raised issues new immigrants, the persistent environmental racism, the transient yet talented pool of Muslims who live and work in DC. Rami commented on the number of highly educated a degreed young Muslims in the room. Although, I am not young I have a Bachelors in Chemistry, Masters in Genetics and Human Genetics from Howard U and Certificate in Bioethics from Georgetown U. Rami and I share the disease of not having completed the last legs of our Ph.D.’s. Please pray for both of us, but especially Rami to make it.
I pray to Allah that we will live up to this commitment to be as Muhammad and all of the prophets and all of their companions…..A Mercy to all the worlds.

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