Muslims Reaching Out to INOVA Fairfax Hospital

INOVA Fairfax Outreach

Today Muhamamd Raja from ADAMS Center met will Phillip X of the INOVA Fairfax Hospital. They have been trying to reach out to the leadership of the Muslim community for some time with little success. With the facilitation of Muhammad Raja the community is coming together to serve the sick, dying and those who have passed from this life. In our meeting we laid out a structure to enhance the work of Muslims to partner with the hospital to meet the medical-spiritual needs of the patients.

I have lived in the Washington, DC area since the mid 70’s and have witnessed the Muslim community aging. Although, this is the case we have failed to increase our services to meet the need.

Perhaps because of my background of medical work and my work as a chaplain make me feel the need in a special way. In the beginning of 2009, a group of volunteers started the organizing the hospital visitation at the Virginia Hospital Center and from the “Family Care Committee” of Dar Al-Hijrah.

The program insha Allah, will expand to include INOVA Fairfax Hospital.

1. Pastoral Care Week
We will work with the pastoral care staff to present training for hospital staff on the issues of treated and supporting the Muslim patient and their families.
2. In-service: Religious/Ethics
We will work to provide qualified Imam’s and scholars to assist in ethics/religious consults on a case by case basis.
3. Volunteer Orientation/recruitment/training
In coordination with the hospital chaplain and pastoral care staff, we will recruit Muslims who will provide a committed staff for visiting patients during their hospital stay. This program is in place at VHC since spring of 2009.
4. Senior Clergy/Ethic (On-call)
We will recruit senior clergy staff for emergency visits and consults. This referral system will provide the participating hospitals with a team of responders who will share the responsibility of supporting patients and their families. This referral system will forward the calls to the Imam/Hospital chaplain on call.
And will provide: Information Materials, Development of new materials, Making materials available and expanding hosting Eid Holiday parties for all children in the hospital.

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