A Muslim Revisits Memorial Day

I am sitting in a restaurant ordering some lunch, overhearing peoples plans for Memorial Day and watching images on CNN of military graveyards and flag-draped coffins, widows receiving flags, while my fellow diners are discussing how they are going to enjoy Memorial Day. My waitress said, “Well, for most people it’s just a day for barbecuing and drinking”. Although, commented that she is not much of a drinker, that is what the day has become.

The day is really about remembering those who died at war. Muslims are no different when it come to the great battles of Islamic history. I think Muslims talk too much about the battlefield victories of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his companions. In my reading of the life The Prophet, peace be upon him, I see a man who spent most of his life and most of his time avoiding conflict and who fought only when necessary and only as much as required to establish peace.

As humans, not just Muslims, we have a culture that seems to glorify war and fighting. The movies, toys, those violent video games…video games that are now played in the cockpit of planes, or on the joysticks of drones or on the monitors in armored vehicles with the music blasting only to find not the remains of the enemy but the arms of children……game over.

I don’t generally think of myself as a pacifist. I do think there comes a time when enough-is-enough. One of my teachers, Muhammad Al-Hanooti, said that the word of God in the Qur’an informs us that Allah is the owner of the earth and that Allah establishes whom ever Allah chooses in administration over it. Therefore, let us stop fighting over land. Malcolm X said, “War is bloody…..” the nature of war….., “The landless against the landlord”. Those who call us to war and those who engage in it do so at a great risk to their heart, their souls and their minds.

I am taking a moment to grieve for all those who have lost their lives to war. We as a species must find another way resolve our differences and to realize that there are things not worth dying for and others that are. May Allah grant us the wisdom to know the difference and then to make one.

Wage Peace

2 Responses to A Muslim Revisits Memorial Day

  1. Ferinannnd says:

    Суперский пост! Блог уже в ридере )

  2. Nadin says:

    You say your Prophet Mohammad waged war. Jesus did not wage war. Why did your Prophet Mohammad wage war? Couldn’t it have been done in a more peaceful way if your religion is all about peace?
    In your last paragraph you say there are things not worth dying for and then there are things worth dying for. What things are worth dying for? Wiping out Chrisitianity, or what about people that choose not to have a faith, they believe there is no God. What about people of the Islam faith that want to change their faith, are they persecuted, threatened?
    Do you know that Islam is the only faith that “spawns” terrorist? It is. Other faiths may have pastors that lead their congregation into mass suicide, like the Jones camp in Central America, but non-Islamic faiths don’t have religious leaders that recruit people to kill others outside their faith. As long as there are radical Islamics that go around killing people that do not follow “their faiths teachings” people are going to find it very hard to believe that the faith of Islam is “peaceful”. I don’t care how many prayer meetings you have. I think you all need to do a little house cleaning, meaning, get rid of your teachers of your faith that teach killing and hatred of others that do not believe the way you do and work with American law enforcement to investigate donations made to sources overseas to ensure that these donations don’t go to support terrorist.

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