Why you should take your family to ISNA Convention: even if you’re local

As-Salaamu alaikum,

I struggle with this on an on-going basis, we are sooooo busy in our work lives, and running from on activity to another with the kids, if you have them, or running from place to place with your social network, that it all seems like work and then……..

ISNA rolls into town.  I didn’t order ISNA for dinner – pick-up or delivery.  If I had wanted to go to a conference I would booked tickets to Chicago, it would be like a family vacation, but not ISNA in my town.

Now I have to load up, halt work, stop networking, deadlines all around we, to drive, park, metro, parking lots, conference food or the nearby restaurant (China Town), then drive, unpark, metro it home to do it all over again, or rent a hotel as if I am going somewhere and taking a vacation-which I am not…..taking a vacation to downtown DC, subhannallah, I live here!

And to top it all off, it’s the July 4th weekend.  Free fire works on the Potomac (in some families like mine – a tradition).  If I spoke like this I could say, “For crying out loud, how is it ISNA weekend  in DC?”.

Well it is and I think you owe it to your family and friends to show up, at least for Saturday and then you’re hooked.  After you see so many friends and like-family folks.  In the crowd just like Mecca.  Seeing the Muslims in their finest hour walking nobly down the street eating ice cream or just walking.  To see just how well we are feeling in America….not just doing, but feeling validated by our own presence. Wow or Subhannallah!

All that and I still didn’t say anything about the lectures, workshops and seminars….that’s because I didn’t want to take my wife and kids to the bazaar.  My wife and I believe that these events like a mini-hajj have had a powerful effect on the positive socialization and worldview our children.

Come to ISNA.  You and your family will remember it for years to come.  Check me out at ISNA.

As-Salaamu alaikum,

Imam Johari

One Response to Why you should take your family to ISNA Convention: even if you’re local

  1. Kwame Madden says:

    Imam Johari ISNA conference is a beautiful gathering.Many muslims you have not seen in few yrs you run into from differnt parts of the country.With all the good things that occur at this annual conference there are some disturbing downsides also.Case in point the conference is way to expensive for many famlies.The food cart is terrible and way to expensive.I believe it was 15 dollars for a burger,fries and a soda.Years past I remember in Chicago a slice of pizzas being 6.00 dollars.This year some of the vendors took up a petition.How many of the new shahaadah’s in Washington,DC could not attend.It seems to me unfortunley that this organzation concern is certain group and the heck with the poor.The people can make complaints about the changes that need to occur and they just met with a deaf ear.Also I know that the convention ctrs. have control over the concessions stands.But we have to make some better arangements the people commit highway robbery on us every year.It was a blessing that there were stores close by unlike Chicago were you need a car.ISNA has yet to realize that there are many poor people in the community.

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