It is with deep concern that we announce the shooting death of Imam Luqman A. Abdullah, of Masjid Al-Haqq (Detroit, MI)..  Mr. Abdullah was a representative of the Detroit Muslim community to the “National Ummah” and the general assembly (Shura) of the Muslim Alliance in North America (MANA).

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) announced today that their agents shot and killed Imam Luqman during a raid related to a criminal complaint alleging that members of the mosque were engaged in criminal and “not terrorist” activity.  This tragic shouting raises deep concerns regarding the use of lethal force by law enforcement agents.  Since the investigation was “solely criminal” based upon “smuggling and fraud”, we urge law enforcement and the media not to take undo advantage of this tragedy in order demonize American Muslims.

The National Community  or “Ummah” was established by Imam Jamil Al-Amin (formerly known as H. Rap Brown).  It is an association of mosques in several cities in the US that coordinate religious and social services primarily in the Black community and to refer to the “Ummah” as a “nation-wide radical fundamentalist Sunni group consisting primarily of African-Americans” is a offensive mis-characterization.

To those who have worked with Luqman Abdullah these allegations of illegal activity, resisting arrest and “offensive jihad against the American government” are shocking and inconsistent.  In his ministry he consistently advocated for the downtrodden and has always spoken about the importance of connecting with the needs of the poor.  We encourage the community to participate actively in the investigation and the trial.


  1. Umm ahmed says:

    Assalamu alaikum

    May Allah reward him Jannah


  2. Abdul-Qadir Gidadu says:

    May Allah forgive and replace any sins with hassanats and forgive any debts of our dear brother and strengthen the hearts of his family and the community.
    Imam Luqman was a strong dedicated and serious leader who will be missed.

  3. The alleged tape recordings (transcripts) of Imam Abdullah in the affidavit of Special Agent Leone are very disturbing. It would have been good for Imam Abdullah and for American Muslims and for the broader community to be able to address the allegations squarely and fairly in a court of law. Having read the affidavit I wonder why the FBI did not take more precautions and devise a better strategy for carrying out the arrest warrant.

  4. Hafizu Murtala says:

    Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun. May Allah give us d power to overcome d unbelievers. May Allah accept his death as shahada.

  5. Bilal says:

    May Allaah accept him as a Shaheed and inflict His perfect wrath upon the FBI crusaders.

  6. Kwame Madden says:

    May Allah have mercy upon Imam Luqmam and grant him jannah firdous.Clearly this was repression by the state aganist the imam and his congregation.Muslims must be viligant and call the incident just what it was a murder by the FBI.

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