World AIDS Day 2009

I stand today in support of World AIDS Day and the work together to engage in education, research and prevention-care-treatment of people living with the disease.  The axis of evil: Poverty, Education and Disease are the enemy.  I am at the UNAIDS luncheon and I am sharing my reflections from the meeting.  I am listening a panel of sex workers, IV Drug users, homosexuals from Africa and advocates for prisoners.

We must face the full spectrum of the issues.  Education regarding prevention is important but harm-reduction measures are equally important.  These reductions   Although, it is painful for me to think of prostitution as profession, sex workers are a reality.  The struggle to provide care for sex workers in the US and abroad is a necessity although it runs counter to the life which I believe that Allah would have us live.

The presenters have shared their issues to be the core of the problem; ie. homosexuality, drug addiction and prostitution (Marginalized Populations).  We also have to face that fact that many young Black americans, particularly in Washington, DC, are contracting the disease at record numbers.  We must reach out to them.  Sex and drug education, harm-reduction and access to treatment is a must.

I am particularly advocating today for “Muslim Americans Living With AIDS & HIV” – Like Brother Rainey Muhammad.  They tell me that they are discriminated against by the GLBT and the Muslim community.  Everybody with AIDS and HIV aren’t different from you.  We must speak out and work.

“You will find among Muslims some of what you find in other nations, I hope less of it.” Imam Johari Abdul-Malik



One Response to World AIDS Day 2009

  1. Yus from the Nati says:

    Shouldn’t more education be upon the pitfalls, and how disgusting Zinna is?

    I feel as though all these AIDS/HIV campaigns always deal with “curing” the disease (i.e. cancer, or any other disease) vs Prevention (Islam, or other methods). This fuels the pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies. I learned this while taking classes for a Masters in Public Health.

    So ya nobody mentions to “stop having sex” as an example. It’s more of “let’s show compassion for the ‘victims’ of the disease”? Is having pre marital sex not a HUGE factor?

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