Incident At NVCC-Woodbridge

The fact that our country seems to be mired in violence hit close to home for me yesterday as there was an incident at the Woodbridge campus of NVCC. Praise be to Allah the Almighty that there were no injuries. However, this is a sign that we need to work harder to promote the values of peace, generosity and tolerance to counter this culture of fear, intolerance and hate that I am convinced fosters incidents like the one at Woodbridge.

I want to give YOU, the reader, an objective — and that is to be a people-builder. Start by writing down the name of a person you want to help build up, then stop and pray for them. Then tell that person, “I’ve been thinking about you and praying for you because I really care about you”

Imagine the impact we could all have if we would commit ourselves to being builders of people; if we are determined to bring out the best in everyone we know and to help people grow.

Let’s do it

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