A Voice Crying in the Wilderness for Non-Violence

As-Salaamu alaikum,

Someone may ask who am i to make this call:

i am nobody, i am nothing, i am a single voice crying out in the wilderness of North America, i am a caller, a caller to peace, a caller to non-violent resistance, i am an American, i am a Muslim calling as the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, did.  Calling for ten years of peace and non-violence.

Let everyone who has a voice, artists, athletes, preachers, doctors, teachers, workers, professionals, day-laborers, documented and people out-of-status, Jews-Christians-Muslims-Hundus-Sikh-Jain-Zoroastrians-Buddhist-Mormon-Friend or Foe -Atheist – Agnostic – Believers in anything and believers in nothing……

Learn the language of Non-Violence and Practice it in our world today.

Right now! i am not interested in who’s right,

Right now! i am not interested in who’s wrong,

Right now! i am calling for an unconditional cease-fire

And He said follow My way that you might be successful….live and let live….

i am hip to the devils game!

kill and be killed, an eye for an eye

The management of low-level conflict.

Divide and conquer, call it what you want…

The Muslim world is destroying its own future, fighting over who gets control.  The West is fighting for security that only makes us less secure.  The killing isn’t about faith it’s about winning.  Allah says that, ‘God gives sovereignty to whomever God chooses’.

Our quest for justice has become a blood thirsty quest for revenge.  The Prophet’s that I know never took revenge.

It is time for a radical call for non-violence before more innocent people are killed while we debate who is winning the war.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and Malcolm X were coming together at the ends of their lives.  Let’s come together before the end of our lives.

One Response to A Voice Crying in the Wilderness for Non-Violence

  1. perceptor1 says:

    The government of Pakistan already tried talking to the Taliban. Now it’s no more Mister Niceguy.

    How is your program different?

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