Stand for the Environment! Now!

As-Salaamu alaikum,

As an Imam I believe we that must stand for the environment and therefore we must let our government know where we stand.  I stand with The Alaska Conference of Catholic Bishops and ask you to join with us in stopping the cosponsorship of this bill. Alaska conference of catholic bishops

We’ve learned that Sen. Webb’s staff is meeting today to decide whether or not he will co-sponsor the “Murkowski amendment” introduced by Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska.

The Murkowski amendment is being dubbed the “Dirty Air Act”.

It would:
*  Weaken the Clean Air Act that protects our air and climate.
*  Roll back the Obama Administration regulations that protect us from polluters putting greenhouse gases in the air.
* Amount to a bail-out for big polluters.
* Strip away our ability to enforce the pollution reductions we need to stop climate change.

Instead of looking for ways to delay action, Senators need to finalize comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation as soon as possible. Clergy and green leaders from dozens of congregations, including many in Northern Virginia, testified passionately at the EPA last Spring about why we are called to care for Creation, and in support of the EPA’s “endangerment finding” that it must regulate carbon emissions under the Clean Air Act.

Now, the Murkowski amendment threatens to undo what we fought so hard for last spring.

The faith community in Alaska has spoken up, asking Senator Murkowski to take strong action on climate change. I’m attaching a letter from the Alaska conference of Catholic bishops.

Please call Senator Webb right now and let him know that the faith communities in Virginia, too, support Creation care, not his support for the Murkowski amendment.

Call the Northern Virginia district office.
Tell them that you are a constituent and give them your address:703-573-7090

Please drop me a line to let me know you called, and how it went.

Joelle Novey, director
Greater Washington Interfaith Power & Light
Our religious response to climate change.

Help local congregations save energy, go green, and respond toclimate change:

3 Responses to Stand for the Environment! Now!

  1. Joelle says:

    Thanks for posting this, Imam Johari!

  2. Farhan Khan says:

    I don’t know that I support these kinds of programs. Sure, we get cleaner air, but at what cost? These kinds of policies have a large cost that we cannot forget about. In particular, environmental regulations require the implementation of new technologies, that are less cost-effective. The end result is that consumer products cost more and/or less is produced. That harms the working poor the most.

  3. Joelle says:

    @Farhan Khan, this is not only about achieving cleaner air. It’s about regulating the heat-trapping gases that are causing catastrophic climate change. Climate change, too, is something that will harm the poorest the most.
    I appreciate that regulating polluting technologies may have a cost, but don’t forget that the cost of *doing nothing* is also incredibly expensive:
    Which do you think is *more* expensive? Climate change, or regulating to prevent the worst impacts of climate change? That’s a better question.

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