A Call To Men: Stopping Violence Agains Women


I will be spending today and tomorrow attending the conference to deal with violence against women.  In the opening of the conference we have gone over the history of violence against women.   The presentation dealt with race, gender and the abuse of power of primarily white males.

The facts were presented that in the period of slavery violence against ALL women was condoned.  That murder or beating of women was legal.  We have come from all types of backgrounds police, social work, religious support groups and coalitions that work around violence against women.

The rape crisis movement has raised the issue of violence against women and girls in the 1990’s.  The burden of this work in to place men at the center of violence prevention.

The workshops and groups are developing in different communities, faiths and cultures: Men to Men (English speaking groups)/Hombre a’ Hombre (Latino groups)/Garson a’ Garson (Haitian groups).

If women could stop the violence from men they would have done it.  A women who was a self-profest feminist sexual violence advocate shared that she had to learn the lesson that men and women have to work side-by-side to stop the violence.

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