A World Without Violence Against Women

If men were a nation and women were a different nation among other nations, the United Nations would gather together against the nation of men for crimes against humanity or genocide.

How positive the world with be if women felt safe.  We would like to think that promise of the Quran and the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (as) to honor, provide safety, provide education, give inheritance, the right to divorce, the right to work outside of the home, amicable dissolution of marriage ……

The reality is that Muslim men and women don’t have the knowledge or the understanding to combat violence against women by men.  These men are not devils.  They are “Well Meaning Men”.  I am sharing the book that I edited along with Imam Mohammad Magid, ” What Islam Says About Domestic Violence”.

I am sitting with an activist from Miami.  She has raised a critical issue – The Power of Words.  Batterer don’t have enough stigma.  We need to some new words, what do you call a person that beats women.  Punk has a powerful pejorative.

The world I would like to see, is a world where women are respected in their homes, houses of worship, neighborhoods, workplaces, schools and society.

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