Dear Mr. Hannity and Mark Levin: Check me out again!

Dear Mr. Hannity: Check me out again!

I love my Apple (MacBook) and I believe that one day it will be the #1 personal computer in America. But regarding religion as if personal computing wasn’t a religious experience and going from a PC to a MAC is conversion.  I am a convert in many ways.  I made both conversions while in graduate school.  I bought a Mac IIe and I converted to Islam.

In a speech I gave on campus I said I hope that one day Islam will be the number one religion in America.   According to Time magazine at that time Islam was and perhaps still maybe the fastest growing “Abrahamic” religion in the America and I love Islam, but the fastest growing religious experience in America is spiritualism according the Pew Research Center, non-traditional practices that include meditation, chanting, positive thinking and sufi teachings, that is the fastest growing religion of today.

I built on my MacBook I build a webpage devoted to Non-Violent Resistance for Social Change.
A Call to Non-Violent Resistance

Hannity-Levin!  you got the wrong guy.  I am who I appear to be and I am preaching the Islam you need – I risk my life when I denounce terrorism and then travel the pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia with faith that The Almighty will protect me.  Unless you believe the statement attributed to Phillip Sheridan applies- The only good ______ is a dead_____.  You fill in the blanks….yesterday it was native Indians today East Indians, Asians, Arabs, Africans and others….  I believe the first amendment still stands, you have the right to your opinion and I have the right to choose to live by my religion in peace, change religion my religion in peace and migrate to America in peace and by the law of the land in peace.  Give peace a chance.  I won’t abuse my freedom of religion don’t abuse your freedom of speech.

People were afraid when John F. Kennedy became president that America would become subjects under the edicts of the Pope, it didn’t happen.  People feared that if Jews were on the supreme court that they would not judge Christians fairly, or that a senator, congressman or even Black President would not govern for the benefit of all the people.  These fears I hope by now have been overcome.  The fear that because Islam is growing in America that our society will someday be “forced” to live under laws from another country (ie. Sharia) is just FEAR talking.

F.E.A.R. when False Expectations Appear Real.

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