Steve Emerson and Imam Johari: Make Strange Bedfellows

Life is always full of surprises and this week I got one that I pray is a harbinger of things to come.  Although, the Washington Post in a recent article referred to Steve Emerson as “controversial” terrorism expert, he remains to be a prominent voice that is critical of Muslims in America.  He has spared few and taken almost every leading America Muslim to task.

I often analyze Mr. Emerson’s criticism of Muslim positions in order to improve the quality of my work.  I have learned a great deal that has caused me to more deeply consider the positions of Muslim organizations regarding many issues.  I regularly suggest to my students that in order to be an informed citizen they need to listen to opinions other than their own, whether they are “liberals” or “conservatives”.  Whether you agree or not, there is usually an unvarnished perspective on issues that you and your friends hold sacred.

I would hope that this type of honest discourse could continue between Steve and I.  It sends a message of hope to the seemly intractable positions of rival factions of believers (Muslims, Christians and Jews) in the Holy Land and here at home.

To read Steve Emerson’s posting visit this link:

My original blog posting that Emerson is referring to is linked here:…peace-a-chance/

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