No Guilt By Association!

Over the past few weeks, a serial killer has been targeting men of color – even very close to home in Leesburg, VA. Alhamdulillah it appears that he has been apprehended trying to fly to Israel.

In the same way that Muslims always hope that they will not be smeared by a single perpetrator, we ask that people not do the same to the Israeli community of whatever background. The perpetrator is an Arab, not a Jew and a Christian, not a Muslim

I encourage everyone to keep their thoughts and prayers – especially given this holy month – on the victims and their families. Let us all pray for peace and tolerance.

2 Responses to No Guilt By Association!

  1. Truth Seeker says:

    You might want to update your post.
    Whether you know it or not, 20% of Israeli citizens (people living in Israel, not the Palestinian Territories) are Muslims or Christians, not Jews.
    Muslims are in Israel’s parliament, if you did not know.
    Our local Israeli Consulate here in Atlanta is headed by a Druze Arab citizen of Israel.

    That being said, the perpetrator you refer to is an Arab, not a Jew. And a Christian, not a Muslim, if you want to take solace in something.

    But as it stands now, your uncorrected post, while put up in the name of tolerance and whatever, only serves to suggest that it was an Israeli Jew who did this, and that only serves the people of the opinion that you claim to be opposing, those looking to focus on the act of a single person, and attribute it to all members of that person’s shared common background.

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