I’m a Garb-Wearing Muslim and Juan Williams Has Point!

I’m a Garb-Wearing Muslim and Juan Williams has a point!  Last night I was walking down Connecticut Avenue in Washington, DC and a group of a dozen White youth were walking towards me.  I could hear some of them speaking loudly in a foreign language.  Maybe they had been out drinking.  As a Blackamerican I felt a little anxious.  I had just left an interfaith event at the Adas Israel Congregation synagogue and I was very ceremonially Islamically dressed, which only increased my self-consciousness.  As they passed me by and headed into a Tex-Mex restaurant I relaxed.  I accepted the fact that I had profiled them.  It was wrong – albeit irrational yet natural.  I think that’s what Juan Williams was getting at.

While defending Muslim-Americans on the Bill O’Rreilly show earlier this week, Juan Williams mentioned something that many people feel but are afraid to say, now we know why.

Thank you Juan!  Peace be upon those who following guidance.

I love CAIR. I think they got this Juan wrong.


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