Thanksgiving: Let Us Seek-Thanks(Forgiving)

Thanksgiving has become our national day of “Thanks” in America, being thankful for what we have been blessed with.  But it should also be a time of forgiving and seeking forgiveness.  If we wish to be forgiven in the greater transcendent sense, whether you think of forgiveness from God, Allah or whatever you perceive the “Higher Power” to be, you must first seek forgiveness from people.

In America today we should all seek forgiveness from the first nations of this land for whatever role we continue to play in their oppression and genocide, whether by commission or omission.  Our nation must seek forgiveness as a collective and we as individuals must do what we can to help the ‘first nations’ peoples in whatever way we can.

The founders my country drove the native peoples to the western and southern parts of the continent.  Let us now consider that the closest people to the original inhabitants of this continent are our Hispanic neighbors.  Perhaps granting them some honor in this land and giving thanks to them can help make up for what the founding fathers and slave masters did to the original people of this land.

As a Black American, I am thankful for my freedom from slavery and for the freedom to practice my faith, Islam, the religion that was taken away from many enslaved Africans.  While I remember, I am not bitter. America is evolving as a nation, yet the work of healing this land must continue….i pray.

While many of us enjoy this national family day of feasting, let us recommit ourselves to service for the advancement of the powerful and universal ideals of “Thanks” and “Forgiveness”.

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