Mukit Hossain Continues to Lead

As Mukit Hossain transitions to meet his Lord, his good work continues to bring benefit to our community and our nation.  My family met Mukit when he was leading the Muslim community to feed the homeless population in Herndon, Virginia.  My wife and children used to meet at a church, make sandwiches and then travel to a nearby park to pass out lunches.

Many of us worked with him as he blazed a trail with a mixture of faith, civic and political activism.  Over a decade ago, I interviewed Mukit on my AMIN radio program, “Welcome Back to Islam”.  He shared his journey back to Islam after a period of professing atheism.  Mukit’s recommitment to the religion of his birth gave him a revived commitment to putting his “faith into action”.

His pioneering work in Northern Virginia advocating for the Herndon day-laborer center eventually won the day and the center was opened.  Although, the day-laborer center eventually was closed, his legacy of leadership lives on.  He served on the board of the Virginia New Majority and VNM is continues that work today reaching out to our Hispanic community.

Our brother will continue to be rewarded for the creation and work of Virginia Muslim Political Action Committee.  VMPAC has tipped the balance of political power in the New Dominion more than once and raised more than a few dollars and eyebrows in Richmond.

After leading us in civic engagement, he again moved us toward a union of faith, food and finance, by moving his family to a farm outside of the city to raise organically reared animals to produce halal meat for our community.

His continued intolerance of apathy drove me and many in our community to positive action.  Although Mukit has moved ahead of us again.  We must follow in his wake until the Almighty joins us with him among the righteous.  May Allah continue to bless him, his family and his work forever.

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