Northern Va Mosque: An Island of Power In An Ocean of Darkness

Description:  Northern VA Mosque: An Island of Power In An Ocean of Darkness

Shaded behind a vegetative barrier on Leesburg Pike (Rte 7) between Seven Corners and Bailey’s Crossroad in Falls Church, VA is an island of power in an ocean of darkness.  The Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center is one of the few homes or institutions that has electrical power after the heavy wind storms that swept the region last Friday evening.

The leadership of the mosque has opened its doors a a day “cooling center” for neighborhood senior citizens.  More than a dozen families from the community came and stayed in the mosque until 11pm.  Imam Johari, Director of Community Outreach said, “Although not many seniors have not come out, the youth of community, even those not participating in our summer camp are taking advantage of the hospitality as well as a local senior citizen center has received cooked meals from our kitchen”.  

Lydia Pearl Monroe, Lincolnia Center Director said, “Dar Al Hijrah has done so much for not just Lincolnia Community Resource Center, but now the seniors of Springdale.  The senior citizens there are all severely low income and several have mental and physical disabilities. Due to the power outage, they do not have any food (both perishable and non) and are unable to obtain food on their own”. 

The Islamic Center hosts a community food bank every Thursday.  “Usually we have 200 families of different faiths at the weekly food bank”, said Tahani Jabarin, social worker,  “Due the crisis many more families are without refrigeration so this weeks food distribution will be especially critical”. 

 CONTACT:      Samir Abo-Issa, executive director:  703-536-1030


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