Dr. King Continues to Lead Interfaith Leaders To Stand For Climate Justice

A Call to Non-Violent ResistanceBSM…

Dr. MLk Interfaith Service for Climate

I greet you in the greeting words of all of the prophets
Peace be upon you – As-Salaam Alaikum

We gather on the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

A drum major for justice
still leading from “the eternal pulpit of his legacy”

A peace movement focused beyond destroying each other ……

to stopping us from destroying our world

Dr king leads on! (Jesse Jackson

Before there was an America – Scholars of Islam distilled from the scriptures five necessities to preserve human life

Hayat-to preserve one’s soul
Nasl-to preserve one’s lineage
Akal-to preserve one’s intellect
Maal-to preserve one’s wealth
Deen-to one’s faith

Yet……..With stolen labor – on stolen land …… A new paradigm was introduced

Now they teach the necessities are Food, clothing and shelter
Fueling an insatiable appetite for more and better food, clothing and shelter

while our hyper-consumerism culture like a cancer is eating away our world

God puts us here – The khalifattul fil Ard to wage peace for our planet
generation 2 generation

To preserve the: Samaati wal Ard – earth and sky

Today…Dr King reminds us….

Cowardice asks the question – is it safe?
Vanity asks the question – is it popular?
Expediency asks the question – is it political?

Wherever you find those spheres overlap on Capitol Hill.

It’s not safe to legislate about?

It’s not popular with Multi-national corporations?

it’s not going to be political expedient enough to pass into law!

But conscience asks a different question
Conscience asks – is it right?

Today Dr. Kings leads us to a radical revolution of values for the salvation of our climate

It is the poor of the world who will suffer first…..Asia, Africa and South America…

We must beyond personal recycling of plastic and paper, reducing and reusing

To end the recycling the same old politicians and policies,
To reducing the influence corporations as people
and to put term limits on reusing the same old worn out legislators….decade after decade

There is hope!

Dr. King’s movement got us the voting rights act 1964-65
and today you can’t win White House with all of US….

Dr. King gave his life …… But he said…..there comes a TIME when silence is betrayal.

Let continue to raise our voices, our vision and our votes in this TIME

To be silent – Know More

(Repeat after me)
This is….Our Time!

This Is….(call)
Our time! (Response)

This Is….Our World

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