Khutbah: Be Part of the Solution

Khutbah: Be Part of the Solution

We thank you Allah
Q:  was created in the best mold
Q: We can be the best of creatures of the worst of creatures
Q: You are the best generation raised from mankind
You enjoing what is good
And you forbid what is evil
The Prophet Mohammed was a benefit to his Society
They were persecuted
They persevered
They made Arabia and Ultimately the world better
The constitutional battle for civil rights and civil liberties and freedom in America have all been one through the court system.
And every challenge it has been one group that is singled out
That group bares the burden and the responsibility to move freedom and justice a little bit further in America
My forefathers Africans brought to America in chains
through the struggle for emancipation one hour freedom by and amendment to the constitution
And it made America better
The women’s suffrage movement singled out women this trouble the win the right to vote amended the US Constitution and the 19th amendment 
and made America better
The battle for children to receive an equal education was fought by the Constitution
Brown versus the Board of Education Topeka Kansas
The civil rights act of 1964 and 65 focused on minorities including Blacks, Asians and Jews-What’s reinforce the 13th and 14th amendments to the Constitution
And it made America better
Today the battle for equal rights under the law to be free from discrimination is being born on the shoulders of American Muslims
And together we will win this battle, 
Not with guns or suicide bombers
But by organizing consistently and persistently establishing freedom and justice for all


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