4 year Old Afghan Girl in US Hospital Needs US Adoption

As-Salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa

“There is a 4 year old little Afghan
girl that the Red Cross has brought over from Afghanistan after an
explosion occurred. She is currently at a hospital in Maryland and
is unconscious. She has lost her entire family and is currently up
for adoption. Unfortunately, she has lost her vision and has a
prosthetic arm. We have 4 weeks to find a suitable Muslim family,
or some other caring family that will support faith. If anyone is
interested or knows of anyone who is willing to adopt this
beautiful little Afghan girl, please contact Hena Zuberi
at henazuberi@muslimlinkpaper.com
cannot help but think that she is a victim of Muslim on Muslim
violence, or does it matter. Please open your heart or open your

The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon
him) said, “I will be like this in paradise with the person who
takes care of an orphan: ” he then raised his forefinger and middle
finger by way of illustration (meaning as close as these two
fingers are to each other is how a person who takes care of the
orphan and I will be in paradise.
[Source: Sahih

“Salams everyone. I am not the point person for the search for adoptive parents for the little Afghan girl. Don’t exactly know how my name and wrong email address got out there for this particular campaign But hasbiAllah everything happens for a reason and there is a reason for this as well. All those who contacted me regarding this, may Allah swt accept your intentions. What I do know is:
-There is a little girl awaiting adoption or re-unification with extended family and as far I have been informed the situation is being handled until further notice.
-The Red Cross is not involved.
-I will keep your names on file [not the people on this list, only the people who contacted her and got through] and as an amanah, just in case it is needed as I get more information.
It is awesome that so many people want to adopt, but adoption is a process and those interested and not registered, should get registered. Please do get in touch with the Joint Council on International Children’s Services -info@jointcouncil.org for resources if you are interested in becoming an adoptive parent for a child from overseas in a way that is protects children.
They do great work to make sure the children’s interest is at the forefront.”

I am trying to get in contact with another brother who posted about it on a public group for Muslims in the DMV area. He did not give an email, but gave a link to his facebook page if you would like to contact him on there. I messaged him for an email, so if he responds back with it, I will send it out. This is his facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/GuardAli?directed_target_id=2263071974

May Allah reward you all and please forgive me for any delay in this message.

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