Quest for Fire – 21st Century Barbarism

I was playing golf Saturday in Norfolk Virginia and got paired up with a young, white seaman. After a few holes he began sharing his life story; raising a blended family and a daugther from his wife.

After we became closer I took the risk to share some golf tips which he accepted and improved his swing. We got deeper and he share his plan for his life and provided some insights for which appeared grateful.

Then I took a risk to talk about politics. I shared with him that I have many issues with President Obama, but I grateful that he is not sending our young men and women to fight in every conflict on the globe. The young man responded quickly, “he brought us (his ship) home early for Christmas”.

As the world seems to be going mad, with conflicts breaking out almost everywhere, I am thankful the President Obama is not fighting the worlds wars for them.

By “them” I meant every despot seeking to build an empire, whether it Putin-dreaming of the days of the Russian Empire or the once superpower, The Soviet Union (USSR).

The murders from Nigeria’s Boko Haram wish return to the era feudal barbarism in the name Islam. As an American imam these backward medieval practices are no more Islam than burning “witches” at the stake is Christian.

I am clear that the success of the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, was to take the waring tribes of Arabia to be ultimately defeated by his relatively non-violent coup, overthrowing the Meccan establishment.

Although, the president is criticized as an isolationist but he has saved many lives at home and aboard due to his non-interventionist Foriegn policy.

African peace-keepers should take the lead in the armed conflict while Imams, scholars and modern Islamic governments defrock Boko’s “Islamic” methodology as Haram itself.

I and that young seaman thank God for President Obama.

Today, non-violent resistance, honest diplomacy and engagement has been proven to be more effective then armed struggle.

Let there be peace on earth


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