Jailed Civil Rights Activist Imam Jamil-H. Rap Brown-Health Failing in Prison Hospital


National Humanitarian Imam Jamil Support Committee Announces Imam Jamil’s Transfer to Medical Prison Facility

Washington D.C July 18th, 2014 – The National Humanitarian Imam Jamil Support Committee announced today that Imam Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, Muslim and Historic Civil Rights Leader, who has been suffering from severe health issues while incarcerated at the ADX SuperMax prison in Colorado, has been transferred to FCI Butner Low Medical Center.

On June 22, 2014 a human rights delegation consisting of former Attorney General Ramsey Clark and national representative for Imam Jamil’s community, Imam Khalil Abdurrahman, sponsored by the American Muslim Alliance, Islamic Circle of North America, the American Muslim Legal Fund, and the Council on American-Islamic Relations made a prison visit to Imam Jamil.

The delegation noted that Imam Jamil’s health condition had seriously deteriorated and that he had an untreated dental problem for more than a year, which resulted in swollen jaws, broken teeth, and the inability to swallow. This led to Imam Jamil losing 29 lbs. over a three-week period. They also noted that his legs, feet and ankles were swollen. Imam Jamil also went through a two-week period whereby he could not get out of his bed except for two times a day. He attempted to see a physician at ADX, but instead saw a physician’s assistant who gave him water pills and antibiotics weeks after his second dental extraction.

After the human rights delegation’s visit, and pressure from two Congressional reps, ADX finally took blood and urine tests. The results suggested that he may have Multiple Myeloma–cancer of the plasma cells. The committee then, along with many civil rights and community advocates and the two Congressional Representatives advocated for the transfer of Imam Jamil to a medical facility where he could receive adequate health care. As a result of these efforts by the committee and many others, Imam Jamil was transferred to FCI Butner Low, a federal prison medical unit in North Carolina

The American Muslim Alliance’s national director Imam Mahdi Bray stated, “We at the American Muslim Alliance fully support the National Humanitarian Imam Jamil Support Committee and urge that they be fully supported by national Muslim, human, and civil rights organizations and people of conscience.”

The National Humanitarian Imam Jamil Support Committee has identified that one of its greatest priorities is to continue monitoring the health and human rights condition of Imam Jamil while incarcerated and to protect the Imam from any further human rights abuses. The committee also encourages the Muslim communities – especially during the month of Ramadan – to continue to write to Imam Jamil and pray for him.

For further information on the National Humanitarian Imam Jamil Support Committee you may contact:

National Humanitarian Imam Jamil Support Committee
PO Box 78187
Greensboro, NC 27427-8187

Click here for information about Imam Jamil’s case

Mahdi Bray
202.421.3623/ 202.280.7466

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