Tomorrow, leaders of the world’s most powerful countries are meeting in New York to discuss the largest Ebola outbreak in history.We need them to do more than just talk. We need them to act on Ebola – NOW. We’re running out of time.

Click here to add your name to ONE’s petition (more than 80,000 signers in just a couple of days). It’s time for leaders to step up and deliver on Ebola.

1-click adds your name

The petition says:

Dear Secretary General Ban Ki-moon,

We’re counting on you to pressure world leaders to quickly make bold commitments and help end the Ebola epidemic now(Sign it here).

As UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said last week, “Every day we delay, the cost and the suffering will grow exponentially.” And the global community is responding – with personnel, supplies and funding. The US made a massive commitment days ago. The UN is sending advance teams to West Africa this week.

But we need to act faster. We need to do more. Nearly 6,000 have been infected. And the numbers are rising fast.

People keep asking us what they can do to help. This is an one easy way to make a big difference.

Add your name automatically right here. ONE will deliver your message – and the 80,000 other voices – to stakeholders before the meeting. And we’ll make sure leaders know we expect them to act.

Thanks for your support.

– Idris Elba

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