Support Blackamerican Muslim in the Arts

Our sister  Nsenga Knight is leading the way.  She deserves our support. Read On and Write On….your donation.

I hope that this email reaches you in good health and high spirits! If you’ve been following my work and art career you may know that I have been doing a lot of exhibitions lately and have some really exciting opportunities on the horizon including an exhibition this fall at the Drawing Center – a museum in downtown Manhattan dedicated to the medium of drawing, and the Author Ross Gallery at UPenn this fall among other. I’ll send info and invites for those as the dates approach and I hope that you can attend some of my opening receptions. I’m writing you today about an exciting project that I am creating this summer (inshaAllah/God willing) in hopes that you will support my work and become a collector and steward of my art. This summer I have the unique opportunity to develop a special fine art print series based on Other Stars Don’t Behave So, one of my most popular drawings (20 x 30 inches). The drawing is inspired a rendering by Al Baruni – the 10th century Iranian Muslim Astronomer and anthropologist describing the moon cycle and includes graphic elements in the tradition of Islamic geometrical art and many other abstract art traditions found in nomadic cultures. The series reminds us of the our connection to the cosmos, our Creator, and all people. To create the Other Stars Don’t Behave So print series (which will be 3 different prints in a limited edition of 20 prints) I will be working with Brian Garner, a renowned Tamarind Institute trained master printmaker at Supergraphic in Durham, NC. The print series includes etching and lithography, costs $3000 to develop and will take a full week working with Brian @ $500/ day plus all the material costs for the project. Any amount that you contribute is appreciated. I’m interested in you collecting my work, so I am offering you a print from the Other Stars Don’t Behave So series for each day @$500/ day that you are able to sponsor the project.  
We will be prepared to start working in the last week of July so I am seeking to have all of the funds needed for the project before July 20th. If you are able to do so, I can accept your contributions to the Other Stars Don’t Behave So print series via my PayPal account using PayPal.Me/NsengaKnight or by mail (1438 Newcastle Rd #A2 Durham, NC 27704).
Thank you so much for considering to support my work. Your support will mean so much for me and the development of my creative work. Please feel free to share this email with other people you know who may be interested in contributing to this project. A photo of the Other Stars Don’t Behave So drawing is below. I can be reached at (917) 327 – 0969 if you’d like to chat about anything.
With love,
P.S. Please enjoy the links I’ve included in this email which give you lots of artistic info.

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