No One Makes It In Life Alone-We All Owe SOMEBODIES

April 27, 2016

In my senior year as a chemistry major I had decided that I would volunteer at the Center for sickle cell disease at Howard University. I had put off for many weeks the fulfillment of my intentions. Finally one Friday I felt compelled that I was not going to end the week without signing up to donate my meager skills to the fight to end the suffering from sickle cell disease. That Friday I met Mrs. Vera Ball. She directed me to a man who would become my supervisor in my volunteer work, who would later become my boss after hiring me to work in the laboratory and ultimately Dr. William Winter would become imagemy mentor and director of my biomedical studies in the department of genetics and human genetics in the graduate school of arts and sciences at Howard University.
When I was a young researcher at Howard University I relied on grant funding to pay my salary which allowed me to continue my bio-medical academic work as well as to continue my research projects at the Howard University Center for Sickle Cell Disease.

Perhaps more then my research advisers and graduate professors and mentors it was the watchful eye of Mrs. Vera Ball, secretary to the director and administrator, that kept me on the payroll over my nearly 2 decades of work and sickle cell disease.

Whenever that was the end of one Grant in the beginning of another she would find a way to keep me on the payroll, to keep my health insurance benefits and to help me keep body and soul together and to take care of my family.

She served as the secretary to Dr. Roland Scott, the founder of the Center for Sickle Cell Disease, and for every director subsequent to him.  I sincerely believe she was discriminated against from becoming a chief administrator or grant administrator because of gender discrimination.  Notwithstanding, she continue to serve through the good times and hard times to keep the Center for Sickle Cell Disease operating.

I do my best to call her every year on her birthday to thank her for her stewardship over my career.  I called her today April 26, 2016 and she remarked that she really looks forward to my phone call. This year will be her last year at the Center for sickle cell disease at which time she will retire.

It is a reminder to me that no one makes it through life solely on their own. An individual’s achievements are always supported by guardian angels that support, protect and make a way out of no way and asking for nothing in return.  I will always owe a great debt to Mrs. Ball for looking out for me at every chance. May God bless her with the best in this life and the best in the hereafter.

2nd Annual Swinging Muslim Sisters Golf Clinic

April 20, 2016

As Salaamu Alaikum Dear Sisters!

You’re invited to the 2nd Annual Swinging Muslim Sisters Golf Clinic has been designed to make learning and playing golf fun in a women-friendly environment. At this event you will learn the basic “how to’s” for golfing (putting, full swings, competitions) with female golf pro Troy Beck on Saturday April 30, 2016 from 11:30 am – 2:30 pm at the Glenn Dale Golf Club.

The cost is $55 – which includes equipment (golf balls & clubs) lunch and instruction! Payment (cash or check) can be made at Glenn Dale Golf Club upon your arrival. Wear comfortable and loose clothing that will allow you to swing your arms.

Glen Dale Golf Club
11501 Old Prospect Hill Rd
Glenn Dale, MD 20769

Please confirm your attendance by responding to this email. The class size is limited to only 15 participants!!. Insha Allah looking forward to seeing you there! If you have questions, you may reach me me at (443) 857- 8733.

Ma Salaama,

Sr. Nabila!

Dar al-Hijrah Sustainability Committee Wednesday, February 10

February 9, 2016


Asalaamu Alaikum,

Tomorrow, Wednesday February 10 from 4-5:30 PM (Dar al-Hijrah Library) you are invited to join me and others environmental leaders in our community to discuss how to can collectively turn Dar al-Hijrah into one of the greenest mosques in North America insh’Allah.

Over the past few years, a number of individuals have put in considerable effort to work on green projects within the Dar al-Hijrah community. From Ramadan (and beyond) recycling programs to community gardens, Alhumudullilah community members have dedicated a lot of time and effort to growing closer to Allah through their service to our masjid. May their efforts and intentions be accepted. Ameen.

I am excited to announce a new initiative that seeks to combine our efforts into one committee. It is through our systematic collaboration insh’Allah that the sustainable practices of our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW can grow within our own hearts and spread to the brothers and sisters we prostrate besides in our prayers.

The idea here is the play the long game; to directly change the culture of Dar al-Hijrah to be one of moderate consumption and care for all of creation.

The committee format relies upon all segments of our community to participate–raising their voices, and acting upon their intentions.

Please be on time for the meeting. JAK


Small Group Discussion
Next Steps

Questions? Please contact me at 608.509.3346


October 13, 2014
Tomorrow, leaders of the world’s most powerful countries are meeting in New York to discuss the largest Ebola outbreak in history.We need them to do more than just talk. We need them to act on Ebola – NOW. We’re running out of time.

Click here to add your name to ONE’s petition (more than 80,000 signers in just a couple of days). It’s time for leaders to step up and deliver on Ebola.

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The petition says:

Dear Secretary General Ban Ki-moon,

We’re counting on you to pressure world leaders to quickly make bold commitments and help end the Ebola epidemic now(Sign it here).

As UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said last week, “Every day we delay, the cost and the suffering will grow exponentially.” And the global community is responding – with personnel, supplies and funding. The US made a massive commitment days ago. The UN is sending advance teams to West Africa this week.

But we need to act faster. We need to do more. Nearly 6,000 have been infected. And the numbers are rising fast.

People keep asking us what they can do to help. This is an one easy way to make a big difference.

Add your name automatically right here. ONE will deliver your message – and the 80,000 other voices – to stakeholders before the meeting. And we’ll make sure leaders know we expect them to act.

Thanks for your support.

– Idris Elba

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Stand up for Medicaid!

October 10, 2013

Q:107 – Do not deny the needs of your neighbors…..

More than 400,000 Virginians need access to affordable health insurance, but a handful of legislators are standing in their way. Our opposition is well-funded and doing all they can to ensure that Virginia doesn’t expand Medicaid.

We have reason to worry. Just this week The Washington Post reported that Delegate Steve Landes told the Republican House Caucus that Medicaid “is unlikely to be broadened anytime soon.”

Now it’s your turn to tell legislators what the expansion would mean for you, your family or friends.

The Medicaid Innovation and Reform Commission (MIRC) will hear public comments about Medicaid expansion on Tuesday, October 15th at 1:00 p.m. in Richmond. Please email us to RSVP for this important event! We’ll send you all the details and sign you up to speak!

The Affordable Care Act has undoubtedly made insurance affordable for many Virginians, but there are some who are simply too poor to obtain coverage on their own. There’s a provision in the law that allows states to expand Medicaid to cover more working class families. It won’t cost Virginia anything for the first three years. After that Virginia will pay just a fraction of the cost to provide critical healthcare to seniors, kids and families across the state.

What’s more, an independent study shows expanding Medicaid would grow Virginia’s economy by $4 billion over the next six years and create 31,000 new jobs, while cutting state spending on healthcare by 7 percent.

You have a say in whether or not Virginia decides to expand Medicaid! If you can’t join us on Tuesday, please click here to leave a comment online.

Enough is enough. Let’s expand Medicaid today!

–Rishi Awatramani, Organizing Director

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US Muslim Delegation Visits Dakhla Business Development Zone-Tomatoes Grow in the Dessert

March 27, 2013
بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله – peace be upon you,
Dear Mr. Baida Ali,
Oh Allah bless Muhammad (pbuh) and the followers of Muhammad, pbuh. as Allah blessed Ibrahim (pbuh) and the followers of Ibrahim.
It was my pleasure to meet with you in Dakhla during our brief stay in The Kingdom of Maroc.
Our delegation was impressed by the progress the we observed first hand; new housing, economic enterprise zones, infrastructure projects including the sea port development, new and novel businesses providing living wages, health and wellness facilities and a host other activities including a …. tourism sector with tourist from Europe exploiting the beautiful beaches and temperate climate.
Our delegation observed the massive agricultural project, growing fruit in the dessert due to the use f modern techniques in greenhouse farming with aid of a fresh water aquifer beneath the Dakhla peninsula, with enough fresh water to turn this section of dessert into lush gardens with commercial agricultural enterprises.
We look forward to working with you an he government return with a US Trade delegation of influential American investors.  It is our hope to maximize the provisions of US free trade agreement and the incentives from the Moroccan government to help make this Dakhla planned development a national treasure and great success.
I serve on the board of the Council of Muslim Organizations of Washington, DC (The Council) representing over 100 mosques and Muslim organizations. As a member of executive board of The Council , I express my commitment to support your efforts in establishing a modern Moroccan constitutional society.  We are blessed to have a growing Moroccan community in the US and particularly in Washington, DC and we look forward to working with you in areas of common interest in the future.  If you are coming to the United States please know that we will do our best support your efforts.
May Allah continue to bless you, your family and your noble work in the bringing of benefit to the people of Morocco and the region.
Sincerely Yours in Islam,
Imam Johari Abdul-Malik, Executive Committee
Council of Muslim Organizations Washington, DC
Director of Outreach,
Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center

The Mosques Need To Get Ready For Swine Flu

September 16, 2009

NPR reported on Tuesday, Sept 16th 2009 Swine Flu and houses of worship.