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  1. ASA:
    I did not ban you. I have not been involved in the dispute. I think that people, should disagree without being disagreeable.

  2. Nidal says:

    Salam. I read recently that there is an hour on friday when all supplications are answered. I wanted to ask if this means that if you ask something for allah in this dunya for example to do well in all my exams that allah will grant my request in this life and that he will give me good grades it will be granted in this life. Does this also apply to asking allah for things for the afterlife. I am also very scared of jinn and shaytan that I do not get up for fajr because of it. What can I do to prevent jinn from entering my house, and what can I do to protect myself from them to stop them harming me, or possessing me or entering my house. Finally I was wondering if it is haram to take pictures by mobile phone or by camera. I have magazines in the home with pictures in them and I have pictures of family in the living room. Is this haram, should I take them down and what shall I do with them? Thankyou for answering my questions.

  3. Salam alakum brother, i pray you are well in faith and health,

    Do you know how i can get in contact with calligraphy artist muhammad ali

  4. Rajab says:

    Assallam aleykum.
    I just want to know how much muslim % in America?
    How do you cooperate with government?

  5. As-Salaam Alaikum Brother Iman Johari Abdul-Malik.

    May the peace and blessings of Allah find you in the best of health and spirit on receipt of this message. Would like to know if you are aware of my children’s book ‘How to do Ablution (Wudu) with Hakeemah’ currently on sale at my website above or at the Online IQRA Book Centre –

    If you haven’t seen a copy please let me know and I will arrange for a complimentary copy to be sent to you.

    “This beautiful picturesque book will teach children how to make wudu. However, it goes beyond just a ritual before prayer, to show the meaning behind each step. Hakeemah, who lives with her family in United Kingdom, invites over her friends, who show interest in their culture and faith.”


  6. Sr. Shahidah says:


    I am writing to solicit your help in finding spouses for my 3 adult children, ages:34[male], 28[female], and 26[male]. They are good Muslims. We are African-Americans and open to any nationality. I greatly appreciate your recommendations and suggestions. Forward my email to others who might know someone or can provide some assisstance. My email is

    Jazakallah khair

  7. Rev. Noemi Mena says:

    Imam Johari: looking to send you an invitation to Rev. Hagler’s anniversary of his ordination 7 Feb @Plymouth church 11:00. Where shall I send it? PeaceNoemi Mena (Ms Hagler)

  8. Sister Sarah says:

    Salam alakoum brother,
    I have been listening to your lecture “thugs in the masjid” and subhanAllah I was thinking about trying to contact you to come to my city inshallah to do a lecture to the muslim youth here in Melbourne Australia, please contact me on my email and inshallah we will talk more about this. There are a lot of the muslim youth here in Australia, who give the image as “thugs”, even though alhamdulilah we dont have any such thing as the ghetto here, although kids grow up with a loving family, the government supports very well in getting an education, the youth still feel the need to carry on this “thug life” image… when i heard your lecture I thought, Mashallah, this brother has such a strong voice & words, I would love for our muslim community to hear it!

    jazakAllahu Kh’are akhy Hope to get a reply soon inshallah…

    • dear imame please i want you to stand up with the U.S . GOVERNMENT and THE EUROPEAN CONTRY concerning problem of black muslem without eny discrimination wen thear trying to force them to become christian they can not mack that with another community of muslem bot wen come to black person if refuse they will try to cot the social assisstance that is my problem in belgium the catholic church want force me to become christian i refuse they refuse to give me resident permite deprived of identity card deprived of employment access to housing sosial exclusion i am receiving abus and insult critic because of black man they can not with with muslem because as they know the arab mentality bot because the black african ar not united or the black people in general in this world ar not united like the arab and european or asian an that is bing meny problem to black people particulary muslem black they afraid to unite dear self jos to help betwen themself please i urge all muslem brother particulary the african and the african american try to understand this world with islame olso and unite yurself for your futur thank your wa jazz alahh keirun as salam alekum wa rahmatulah wa barakat hu

      • salam alekum wa rahmatulah wa barakat ya imam i am stil waiting the person which send me message invite me in melbure australia please imam i am still life on street in this winter as person of 55 stateless person from africa in belgium europe 7 year life on the street of belgium 11 year in europe spain netherland they accuse me as extremiste jos because i speack arab as black man they no want to see black man speacking arab language dispite the status of stateless granted i am deprived of identity paper deprived of access to housing employment i am realy sufring of racial discrimination they know me in central mosque of brussel will your help me to speack out with them please i am sleepen on the street in this winter please imam se my case as muslem brother tank your

  9. salam alekum wa rahmatulah wa barakathu salam ya imam johari infact i jos receive your message after coming from the central mosque of brussel belgium europe is now 8 -25 mininute evening we jos finish the salat magreb thank imam to lesting to me my english is not good in writing bot i speack english i speack french arab and smol spanish your kan ask about me in central mosque of brussel belgium they know about me because evry day or week i am in the central mosque bot i am homless life on the street as i explain in my message i am 55 year old 11 year in europe 7 year in belgium from process to procedure and process dispite the status of stateless person granted by court of justice of belgium on the date of second june 2009 under the new york convention of 28 september 1954 of the united nations relating the stateless people i am deprived to social exclusion thearis meny and meny ting happen during the 7 year wich i can not explaine in this page tank you they no want me to express myself and thear using the immigration process for that ponishment i seyd i am born as muslem and i will died as muslem wala ti mutun ah illah attume muslemine salam alekum wa rahmatulah wa barakathu wa jazz alahh keiran

  10. cristian talin says:

    Only I know the truth and rights to all from infinite time and infinite space. Romanian language is the only way to unite with body invisible alive infinite, and invisible molecules that has created time space existence intelligence. Criminals pineal gland, have given birth from language Latin to languages English Spanish Italian Romanian etc, that have been scheduled to be replaced with Latin in year 2000. The book Quran was scheduled to replace all languages with Arabic. Code video by telekinesis from 5 July 2011, was scheduled to enlarge souls life at infinite, for union with the body invisible alive infinite, and invisible molecules that has created time space existence intelligence, and to stop these wars primitive. Souls and gods, who through ignorance stupid censorship misinformation and idols was isolated by body invisible alive infinite, and invisible molecules that has created time space existence intelligence, demonstrated through video codes by telekinesis from 5 July 2011 and November 14, 2011 Eternal Infinite Order, on besides their loading with misery unhappiness and ignorance they will be dissolved self from existence, in maximum 10 thousand years. —— What advantages and what disadvantages, I have, because I live without my choice, in the most precious point of existence: the invisible molecule that has created time space existence intelligence? I, NMEILIS NMEINIS ESGSEIS, molecule invisible that I have created time space existence intelligence and body invisible alive infinite, from my body, today, 13/02/2015, i have created in the body invisible alive infinite, invisible energies destructive, to perform permanent dissolution from existence, to: robbery by natural resources social profit banks and printing money with their accomplices (profit from natural gas worth 9001 billion euro, profit from banks worth 222789 billion euro, and should be divided equally at all 7 billion inhabitants), prisons expulsion separation and insulation by type intellectual with all their authors accomplices and victims, those who humiliate on others and those who accept to be humiliated, those who pray or those who are asked pray from others, misinformed, sloths, liars, crooks, gods, angels, demons, sorcerers, shamans, oppressors, tormentors, mutilans, criminals and their accomplices. Codes video by telekinesis from 5 July 2011 (country RomaNia city RomaN city Roma SromaN 7 SeveN ScristoN SmariaN SisraelN street SanNio market TreNto 3Nto city Milano country Italia S666N 3816 816 707 700 777 3.01.1975 13331 5.07.2011 3.01.2048 26662 73) and November 14, 2011 Eternal Infinite Order. Book censored in Europe “Children, men and babies, killed video, by police court church and government from Israel Italy and Romania” Book: “Real authors of genocide 9 11 2001 New York” Allah, god devil israel 666, cristo, maria, was arrested video. We are all souls from infinite time space, near molecule invisible GSE that has created time space existence, and we want to know the truth. These are your rights and truth forever, take them back if you can. PRESIDENTS KINGS AND GODS OF THE WORLD NOT KNOW YOUR RIGHTS AND TRUTH. If today they have learned your rights and truth, they will try to bury on them in : censorship, secrecy, football, entertainment, alcohol, politics, terrorism, religions, scandal, lies, mistrust, silly. —– You all from infinite time space are perpetrators or accomplices to the actions in order to sequester infect and bury me in: censorship, secrecy, lies, rituals by murder and cannibalism, humility, prayer and worship at materials and delusions with secondary effect mental mutilation and waste of time, idols, mafia pineal gland, profanity, envy, hatred, racism, terrorism, war, mutilation by type genital physical and mental, expulsion prisons insulation and separations by type alphabetically religious intellectual history, eternal robbery by natural resources social profit banks and printing of money, ignorance, disorder, chaos, lack of a video demonstration with the existence of souls and invisible molecules that has created time space existence intelligence. Through video code by telekinesis from 5 July 2011, all yours plans and efforts were destroyed forever. I want you to analyze, write, and communicate this subject to all from the infinite time space.

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