Who is the kafir I’m worried about? Misunderstood

 Wa alaikum as-Salaam 

I am writing this in an attempt to clarify a statement I made in a sermon some time ago at Dar Al-Hijrah entitled “Racism, Revenge & Radicalization”

Sheikh Hanooti (May Allah have mercy on him) taught me that to be a Kafir one must know the truth and then does otherwise.  
What I was attempting to say is that ‘A kafir’ (Kafiroon) is someone who knows the truth and then rejects it-I am worried about us, Those who say they believe but do otherwise. “Those who pray with us” means those who say they are Muslim. It was not meant only for people Dar Al-Hijrah. 
We have a saying that when you point a finger at someone three fingers are pointing back at you. I was trying to encourage introspection, self-awareness and taqwaa. I was not trying to put Muslims at Dar Al-Hijrah or anywhere else down. It is my prayer that Allah will help guide my tongue in a way to make my words and actions acceptable, to heal not to hurt, to help not to harm, to bring peace and understanding.
My intent was to sincerely get Muslims stop calling your nieghbors-Kafir, but to look at yourself. Call them people of other faiths or other people of faith or conviction, build a bridge not a wall. The term “Non-Muslim” builds a wall. The Quran refers to Christians and Jews as “Ahlil Kitab” – people of the Book (Scripture), something honorable. The Quran says the nearest to you in faith ‘Are those who say they are Christian’.  
I must take my own advise and us my speech more wisely as to not be misunderstood. I ask you all and Allah to forgive me. 

Clip from my sermon

My Full Sermon

Quran: Those who say they believe 



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